Denver DA Drops Marijuana Possession Charges

Published: November 16, 2012 в 4:14 pm


The Denver Channel reports that after the voters of Colorado passed Amendment 64 by majority, Denver joins the City of Boulder by dropping minor possession charges of pending cases. This makes two of the largest cities in Colorado are throwing out cases after the public voted to legalize the drug. The Denver DA said that possession of 1 ounce when over the age of 21 is legal and that means throwing out over 70 pending cases. Since the voters passed the drug to become legal by a two-to-one margin cases that have not yet been seen by a judge are dismissed. If you have a ticket and a court date it is still required that you show to the court proceedings but expect to have a dismissal.

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Since Colorado voters voted in the legalization of Marijuana it is now legal for a person who is 21 years old or over to possess an ounce of Marijuana. However, it is still illegal to smoke in public. This amendment 64 is now creating a need for implementing laws and regulations for the use and consumption of Marijuana. For example it is still illegal to drive under the influence of Marijuana, but what's the minimum level you can have? How is Marijuana going to be taxed? These are all questions that legislators will need to address in the future. Don't let yourself get stuck in the disorganization of the judicial system as they transition to legalize a previously illegal drug. It is important to know that Marijuana is not legal in any other state and the federal government has not legalized the use of the drug. In the state of Colorado Marijuana is being treated similar to alcohol.

Some important things to know about Marijuana is it is the most frequently used illegal drug according to Nearly 69 million Americans have tried Marijuana at least once in their lives. Marijuana has affects on the brains ability to remember. A survey showed that 59% of users forgot what a conversation had been about before the conversation was over. Marijuana users in college were surveyed 24hours after use and found an inability to focus on material, maintain attention or organize data. Health reports have shown that smoking weed is just as dangerous and carries just as many lung cancer causing agents as cigarettes. A person who smokes 5 joints a week can be consuming as many lung cancer agents as a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. On average a Marijuana joint can have 50% more cancer causing agents as a tobacco cigarette. Marijuana causes increased process of deterioration of mental abilities, as well as affects reproductive nature and increases risk of lung cancer and oral cancer.

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