The Silliest Laws in Colorado

Published: December 17, 2019 в 10:00 am


lawyer checking on the texts of the constitution | stupid laws in coloradoNearly everyone can agree that having laws, and citizens who uphold those laws, is one of the primary building blocks of civilization. Most of us are aware of the major laws that we must respect day to day, i.e. paying taxes, obeying traffic signals, and not purposely bringing harm to others. 

But the record books of every state are filled with long outdated, irrelevant, and just plain silly sounding laws, and Colorado is no exception. The following are some of those laws, some applicable statewide and others specific to certain localities. Read on to see if your city has any stupid laws:

  • It is against the law to ride a horse while intoxicated.
  • It is unlawful to mutilate rocks in a state park.
  • It is allowable for persons to rip tags off of pillows and mattresses.
  • It is illegal to throw missiles at cars or any other vehicle designed to transport people… at least inside the city limits.  
  • It is punishable by law to let your llama graze on city property. 
  • It is unlawful to bring your horse or pack mule higher than the ground floor of any building.
  • In Denver, you could go to jail for lending your vacuum cleaner to your next door neighbor. 
  • Also in Denver, the dog catcher must serve all dogs notice of impounding for three consecutive days in a public place.
  • You are not allowed to drive a black vehicle on Sundays in Denver. 
  • In Pueblo, you’d better not let pesky lawn weeds get out of control. It’s illegal to allow dandelions to grow inside the city limits.
  • In Fountain, it is against the law to have any weeds on your lawn. 
  • In Logan County, it is strictly forbidden to kiss a woman while she sleeps. 
  • Not only is it unpleasant, but it is also illegal in Vail to collide with obstacles on a ski slope. 
  • Vail also forbids anyone to keep junk too close to another person.
  • Sterling does not permit cats to run loose without having been outfitted with a tail light.
  • In Aspen, it is unlawful to fire catapults of any fashion at buildings. This includes snowballs, stones, or any type of missile.
  • In Westminster, if you allow someone to park closer than 2 feet from you, you will be fined. 
  • Don’t get lost in Westminster or allow anyone to get lost while driving your car. Both acts are illegal between the hours of 9p.m. and 4a.m.
  • Louisville residents are allowed to own as many as three turkeys, but absolutely no chickens.

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